Easy to deploy, easy to use, easy to run cloud based test automation tool

Jamo Automator is a digital testing tool that lets you automate mobile test creation and management without the use of programming language.

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Intuitive automation

No coding skill are necessary: anyone who can interact with the app can record, enhance and maintain reusable test scripts through Jamo Automator.

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Easy deployment

Jamo Automator is a cloud-based tool and is securely delivered as a service. Anyone with access to a browser and a mobile device or emulator can use the tool.

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High re-use of automated test cases

By using Jamo Automator, the tester builds in a simple process an automated test case that can be re-executed in all kind of different situation increasing the re-use of the automated test case and thus the ROI or the test automation process.

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Team based solution

Whether your team is co-located or distributed across continents and time zones, Jamo Automator enables collaboration by sharing all relevant information through the central repository.

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