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UFT Web for Mobile

Write and maintain a single repository of test scripts that runs seamlessly across the desktop and mobile devices. Record your script using the Web plug-in for UFT, and replay the same script to test your web application on all mobile devices. Through the Testable CreatorTM, M-eux Test UFT Web for Mobile supports most popular browsers on these platforms.


No source code changes, no security changes

The Testable CreatorTM technology from Jamo Solutions combines the best from both worlds for testers. You can write rich, interactive automation scripts that have full access to your application – but you don’t need to have access to the source code. Already available for Android and iOS.


iOS 9 Beta Support

Jamo Solutions now released iOS 9 Beta support. Supporting the beta releases, our customers can already test automatically their existing apps against the new OS.


Performance Testing of MEAP apps

Use LoadRunner to test the performance of Mobile Enterprise Applications (MEAP) such as SAP and Siebel.



Full Integration with popular scripting environments (IDE)

The tool integrates seamlessly with the well-known scripting environments, such as Unified Functional Testing/ QuickTest Professional (HP), Visual Studio (Microsoft) and Eclipse.  This means that testers can leverage their existing technical knowledge on scripting language and environment.


Real Object Recognition Technology

The UI of most applications gets rebranded over time, causing controls to shift their look and location. Bitmap-based tests need to be rewritten in these scenarios, whereas real object recognition based tests remain largely compatible.


No Jailbreak/Root Required

In the US, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) prohibits so-called jail braking or rooting of mobile devices. In contrast to some of our competitors, our technology does not require jail braking and is compliant with the DCMA.


Manage Multiple Devices over Wi-Fi and USB

Devices can be connected directly though Wi-Fi (TCP/IP) or USB Ports. Our in-house “Remote Device Screen” allows testers to see the connected device shown on the PC. Additional to this, there is emulator/simulator support.


App support

Targeting both native, web-based and hybrid applications on all major mobile platforms, including Android 1.5 and above, iOS 4.2 and above, Windows RT, Windows Phone 7.5 and above, Windows Mobile and Windows CE, M-eux Test allows you to test your application on a wide range of devices.

Since M-eux Test supports platforms and not specific devices, we do not impose restrictions on carriers or geographical locations. M-eux Test offers you the choice throughout the full range of devices and carriers, at no additional cost.


Test Management Tool Integration (HP QC & IBM RQM) for Application Lifecycle Management

M-eux Test integrates multiple test management software in the market. It will be possible to use the test manage tools to manage the prepared M-eux test scripts. Jamo Solutions has been validated for the integration between M-eux Test and the IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) from the Rational Software Delivery Platform.M-eux is integrated with HP Quality Center, enabling quality assurance testing on the mobile app, including requirements management, test management, and business process testing.


Remote (Offshore) Testing

Jamo Solution does not require customers to acquire their devices through us. We offer our customers the choice to manage their devices in-house or outsource the management of devices to partners. M-eux device supports a device pool which testers can access and our WAN Connector allow tester to connect to devices that are hosted offsite.


Support Excellence

Jamo Solutions takes pride in its exceptional and dedicated support team that ensures quick response on incidents handled and issues resolved. Please see our SLA for more information.

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