Activating free trial

Open your browser and go to Select the entry ‘free trial’ in the top bar.
Jamo screenshot menu free trial

You get redirected to the login screen of Jamo Automator. On this login screen, select the link ‘Evaluate for free’. Fill in the required fields on the ‘Free evaluation’ form. The account name is a name that you choose to group all your activities. It might be for example your company name, project name or department name. Once filled in, an e-mail with the login credentials will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

Besides the login credentials, the e-mail contains also the links to download the agent for Android and iOS. These links are important since you need them to install the agent of Jamo Automator.

Login to Jamo Automator. Since this is the first login, you are prompted to change the password. Enter your password and confirm your password. Note that you have to specify your password before continuing this section.

Create your first testcase – iOS >>
Create your first testcase – Android >>