Step 1: Install and run the agent on your Android device

First select the android device or emulator that you want for your testing. That device or emulator needs to be registered in the Jamo Automator cloud. For doing, install the agent and run the agent.

Install the agent on Android

The agent can be installed from the Google Play store. Search for ‘Jamo Automator’. The agent app will get displayed. Select the app and install it on the device.

As soon as the app is installed, open the app. The agent app is named ‘Jamo Automator’ and has following icon:

Jamo Solutions icon

The agent app is a very simple app. It has one screen to login to the Jamo Automator cloud. Before logging in on the agent, a first login had to take place on the Jamo Automator cloud using a browser. The reason is simple: the first time that you access the Jamo Automator cloud, the password needs to be changed. If this is the first time, open your browser and login to the Jamo Automator tool using the credentials that are specified in the welcome e-mail. The tool will prompt you to enter a new password.

Enter and confirm the new password. Then go back to the Android device and use the new credentials to login through the agent. On successful login, the agent will display an empty window with the message that you are logged in. Push the agent to the background.

In the browser, select the ‘Devices’ tab. The list of known devices opens. Check if your android device is listed. If not, click on the ‘Refresh’ button which is located in the upper right part of the form.

step1 image 2

The android device should get displayed as shown above. The tool lists in a table the name, manufacturer, mobile OS and mobile OS version. For Android the mobile OS version number is the number of the Android SDK. The name of the device is the name that is given on the device. Also the orientation of the device and its primary language are listed.

A device is active if the agent is running and logged into the Jamo Automator cloud. The status displays if the device is idle, executing a test case or recording a test case.