Step 4: Replay the test case on iOS

The test case can be executed from the cloud or directly from the device.

To execute the test case from the cloud, apply following steps:

From the view step form, navigate back to the form showing the details of the test specification. Do this by clicking on the ‘Go Back’ button in the upper left part of the screen. The first go back click moves back to the details of the test view. The second ‘Go Back’ moves back to the details of the test specification. The third ‘Go Back’ click moves back to the detail of the test case.ios step 4 image 1

The lower part of this form displays in a table format the list of test specifications. Click on the ‘play’ icon in the table cell of the second column from the right. This will execute the selected test case specification.

A new form opens with the list of active iOS devices. If your device is not listed, check then if the agent is still running on the device. Make also sure that the agent is running in the foreground of you device.

ios step 4 image 2

Click on the play icon which is in the table cell of the right most column. The test case gets executed.

To execute a test case from the device, apply following steps.

Open the testable app. Navigate to the window where the test case starts. Touch three times the screen in an area that is normally not responding to a single touch. The Jamo Automator menu appears. Click on the ‘Start Replay’ menu. The tool will list the test cases that are associated to this release of the app. Select your test case. The test case gets downloaded to the device and the replay starts.