Step 5: View the results report for iOS

Tab inside your browser on the ‘Reports’ tab. The results of all executions are listed here. If your execution report is not yet listed, click on the refresh button in the upper right corner of the form.

ios step 5 image1

The reports tab lists the reports following to their status, i.e. a test case passed or failed, the name of the app under test, the test case, the device and the time stamps of latest execution and latest passed or failed execution.

Open the details of the report by clicking on the status icon. The test case can have been executed multiple times on the device against the same version of the app. All these executions are listed in the lower part of the form. The details of the execution environment are listed in the upper part of the form.

ios step 5 image 2

To open the results of an execution run, click on the execution number. The detailed result reports opens.

The initial screen of the report, shows the result steps in a tree structure on the left hand side. The steps that fails have a red background, the steps that passed have a green background.

ios step 5 image 3

Click on the camera icon to open the overview using screenshots. The tool lists from left to right the screenshots of replay for each step. The screenshots of the passed steps have a green border. The screenshots of the failed steps have a red border. Hoover with the mouse on an image and the details of the result steps are shown. To open the details of a result step, click on the image or click on the text in the tree.

iso step 5 image 4

On the left side of the result step detail, the image at replay is shown. The UI element on which the action will take place is highlighted. The result text is shown in bold on the first line. The action itself is shown on the second line.