Jamo Automator: Key Features

intuitive automation easy deployment reusable testing assets team collaboration

As the user navigates through the app on the phone or tablet, Jamo Automator captures their actions and records them as enhanced screen shots. By using images, not script, and displaying the flow of the test case, Jamo Automator creates a comprehensive view of all the steps and actions of the test case.image2

Using screenshots and UI information makes automated test cases easy to navigate, even for testers who are not familiar with the app. The user can add, delete or change an action by simply tapping on the image and reviewing its contents, such as text, graphics or buttons.

Testers can enhance the script by adding synchronization and verification points, creating data-driven tests and defining conditional data. All editing functions are guided by the tool and available through a web interface – no programming language or skills required.

With quick script creation, easy maintenance and high reusability, Jamo Automator is the tool of choice for Agile teams.Even when apps are modified and new versions become available, Jamo Automator supports correct script execution as long as the user interaction with the app remains unchanged. The following actions can change the look and feel of the app:

  • App orientation: An app can display information differently when the device is in portrait or landscape mode, especially in tablet-based apps
  • Data visualized by the app: The data the app manages can be dynamic data coming from a remote server, or specific data entry can move up or down the list. Jamo Automator will make sure that the correct data entry is always selected
  • Localization of the app: An app can support multiple languages. Jamo Automator helps validate that the user interface in different languages works seamlessly
  • New version of the app or mobile OS: Jamo Automator will run the script despite changes in the UI or changes in the app look and feel as a result of the new mobile OS version
  • Testing across devices: Different devices have varied capacity, memory or screen resolution, affecting response times and sometimes requiring the user to perform additional swipes. Jamo Automator automatically synchronizes the user experience, performing swipes when necessary to make all UI elements visible.

Jamo Automator maintains a record of which test cases were executed against a specific version of the app, automating version control and test management. When a test is selected for execution against a particular version of the app, Jamo Automator checks if a specified version is installed and downloads it if necessary. The tool then selects the right test specification and view and runs it against the app.

Jamo Automator is cloud or server-based, and is easy to deploy for any team. Anyone with the right login credentials, a browser and a mobile device or emulator can start using the tool.
Developers do not have to adapt their code to use Jamo Automator. Automated test case execution is not dependent on directions provided by developers: tests are run based on how the end-users, not developers use the app.
All information is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Testers upload the app installation file through a web interface, and Jamo Automator creates a testable app by adding its listener files to enable script recording and replaying. The user can download the testable app or install it directly from the cloud on his or her device.
Following each test run, Jamo Automator creates reports that show:

  • Flow of the test execution
  • Pass/Fail result for each test step
  • Information on the time of the execution
  • Enhanced image of the app under test
  • Test case definitions
  • App versions and descriptions of devices used for each test run

All cloud storage is secure and is backed up instantly, allowing only authorized users to access the information. Having detailed records helps testers improve their practices by reviewing past runs and analyzing results.

Whether your team is co-located or distributed across continents and time zones, Jamo Automator enables collaboration by sharing all relevant information through the central repository, giving all stakeholders in the organization access to the testing assets and visibility into the testing process and progress – anytime, anywhere.
With the first license of Jamo Automator, the customer purchases an account. An Admin can then create multiple users for their account, selecting from various role-based user profiles. For example:

  • Administrator: can manage user credentials and profiles
  • Tester: can create, modify and execute test cases
  • Test Manager: can review test-related information but not edit or run automated test

The ability to define user profiles creates an effective and low-cost option to deploy the tool for the entire team for working successfully in a continuous integration environment.