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How to reduce the cost of Mobile Application Testing

Tuesday May 24th 2016 – 3:00PM Eastern/12:00PM Pacific

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If you are building or deploying mobile apps, you can’t go without testing. But where do you start? Do you go with manual testing or invest in automation? What are the real costs of automation? What options are available on the market, and how do you choose the solution that’s best for your organization?

Jamo Solutions is proud to announce Matthew Heusser, the Editor in Chief of, Author of “How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing”, Lead Judge of the Software Testing World Cup, and the Managing Director of Excelon Development has agreed to share his insight and experience in Mobile Testing in a live web event. You will have the opportunity to answer Matt and the Jamo Solutions technical team questions about Mobile Testing following a brief demonstration of Jamo Automator, a cloud-based testing tool that can help you embrace automation without the hassle of scripting.

What you will learn:

  • The advantages and challenges of manual-only testing
  • The benefits and risks of mobile test automation
  • The full costs of implementing automation, including experts, devices, emulators, tools, labs and platforms
  • How mobile tools can lead to long-term cost savings, accelerated delivery, or both
  • The revolutionary approach to mobile testing with Jamo Automator

Presentation and a moderated Q&A format

  • After the Matt Heusser’s thought leading presentation on the different approaches to mobile testing and available options for automation, participants will see a detailed demonstration of scriptless test automation by Jamo Automator
  • During and after the presentation/demo portion, everyone in the audience can submit a question in the Q&A panel. All questions will be read in the order received and answered live by our technical specialists

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We hope you can join us!

Jamo Solutions is Proud to Announce the Latest Innovation in Scriptless Mobile Application Testing

In response to the need to rigorously test mobile apps before they are released, Jamo Solutions announced the release of Jamo Automator, an easy-to-use, scriptless, cloud-based digital testing tool that allows users to automate mobile app test creation and management.

The tool allows users to create, modify and replay mobile app test scripts without the need for programming and stores scripts and all relevant information in a central, cloud-based repository accessible through a browser. Jamo Automator supports collaboration between team members, making it a tool of choice for Agile teams and giving all stakeholders in the organization visibility into the testing process and progress.

“With millions of apps available across multiple app stores, it’s critical for businesses to automate testing to ensure the best possible experience for their customers,” said Jacques Wouters, CEO of Jamo Solutions. “Jamo Automator is easy to deploy and has virtually no learning curve, allowing all stakeholders, from app owners to testers to project managers, to test all types of mobile applications.”

Features of Jamo Automator include:

  • Instant test case snapshot: Jamo Automator captures user actions and records them as enhanced screen shots. By using images, not script, and displaying the flow of the test case, Jamo Automator creates a comprehensive view of all the steps and actions of the test case.
  • Storage in the cloud: All automated test cases are saved in the cloud and can be viewed and modified through a browser. No need to install add-ins or tools to access the test information.
  • No coding skills required: Anyone who can interact with the screen can record, enhance and maintain reusable test scripts.
  • Quick, easy deployment: Jamo Automator is securely delivered as a service. Anyone with access to a browser and a mobile device or emulator can begin using the tool.
  • Testing on any device: Jamo Automator can run anywhere, on any device – in the lab, on the cloud, in the tester’s pocket or in an emulator.
  • Easily reuse test cases: Build an automated test case that can be re-executed under different conditions and against multiple versions of the app, which increases the reuse of the automated test case and the ROI of the test automation process.

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Discover How to Automate Mobile App Testing Without Scripting at MWC16

The first two days of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona have been exciting, as we’ve introduced lots of Mobile World Congress attendees to Jamo Automator, our easy-to-use, cloud-based digital testing tool that automates mobile app testing without the hassle of scripting.

Led by myself, Jamo Solutions CEO Jacques Wouters, the Jamo Solutions team is located in the Belgium hall, Hall 7, Stand 7G71, providing Jamo Automator demonstrations, as well as Belgian chocolates and Belgian beer, a nod to our Belgian headquarters location.

Attendees can receive a personal Jamo Automator demonstration from me through 6:30 p.m. today, Feb. 23.

During the Jamo Automator demonstrations, my team and I will show Mobile World Congress attendees how to create, modify and replay mobile app test scripts in the cloud, on any browser, on any device, without the need for coding skills. You will also learn that since there’s virtually no learning curve for Jamo Automator, teams can easily involve business users, manual testers and focus group participants into the testing process.

Organized by the GSMA, Mobile World Congress exhibition and conference is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, allowing attendees to network with industry peers, see what’s happening next in the mobile industry and hear from world-renown digital leaders.

Here’s a Twitter recap from the event to show you how huge and amazing this conference and exhibition is, including some pictures of our booth, our team and those chocolates we’ve been telling you about.

For a full report about what’s happened so far…

Or if you prefer a visual recap…

Go on, have some chocolate while you take it all in…

Catch up on the trend of mobile web traffic…

And how far we’ve come in the world of mobile…

Discover who is using mobile worldwide…

And what will impact the future of mobile service delivery…

…which is why it’s important to automate your mobile app testing.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a Jamo Automator demo at Mobile World Congress, contact us at For more information on Jamo Automator, read our press release on its launch at Mobile World Congress.

Mobile Test Automation for the Digital Age

By Jacques Wouters, CEO

Over the course of my two-decade-long career in software application development and testing, I’ve seen many transformations in QA , the latest being the emergence of digital and mobile testing. The rapid growth of mobile platforms and apps creates a new set of challenges for both the business and QA: App quality is more important than ever, while time-to-market pressures are mounting, with competition often waiting just around the corner. Continue reading