Jamo Automator

Automate mobile app testing without the use of programming language.

Jamo Automator is an intuitive, scriptless digital test automation tool that allows users to create, modify and replay mobile app test scripts without the need for programming. No coding skills necessary: anyone who can interact with the screen can record, enhance and maintain reusable test scripts.

Automate Your Mobile Testing with Jamo Automator

Jamo Automator is a, easy to use, easy to deploy cloud-based solution that is securely delivered as a service. There’s virtually no learning curve and no barriers to collaboration, so teams can work together regardless of location and easily involve business users, manual testers and focus group participants into the testing process.

All information is accessible through the central repository, giving all stakeholders in the organization access to the testing assets and visibility into the testing process and progress – anytime, anywhere.

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