Visual Testing

Jamo Automator applies the technique of 'Visual Testing' to recognize the UI objects when the automated test case is replayed.


The 'Visual Testing' engine relies on a set of algorithms enriched with Artificial Intelligence techniques. The engine does not depend on the details of the code of the app under test nor on image recognition or OCR.

It is a reliable UI recognition technique that can be applied across test cycles and platforms.


Let's explain how 'Visual Testing' works. The three following images show the product page of the Amazon Shopping web site, for three differenent products.  One window is from the French version of Amazon. The test case has to recognize the 'Add to Cart' button in all 3 windows.

This is successfully done ‘visually’. The region around the add button has almost the same layout on all three windows for example: the button can be preceded by the quantity input field. Note that if you cannot read French, your mind has applied the same visual recognition on the French page!


Thanks to the 'Visual Testing' engine a test case that is created on one version of the app can be re-executed against different look & feels of the app. The re-use of the test case is much higher when compared with most other testing tools because these tools rely on the low level technical definitions of the UI objects.