Jamo Automator

Easy to use,scriptless, cloud-based automation

Intuitive automation

As the user navigates through the app on the phone or tablet, Jamo Automator captures his actions and records them as enhanced screen shots. By using images, not script, and displaying the flow of the test case, Jamo Automator creates a comprehensive view of all the steps and actions of the test case.

Scriptless testing

Using screenshots and UI information makes automated test cases easy to navigate, even for testers who are not familiar with the app. The user can add, delete or change an action by simply tapping on the image and reviewing its contents, such as text, graphics or buttons.

Testers can enhance the script by adding synchronization and verification points, creating data-driven tests and defining conditional data. All editing functions are guided by the tool and available through a web interface – no programming language or skills required.

Jamo Automator uses a artificial intelligence based engine to recognize uniquely UI objects. The applied technique is called 'UI object based visual recognition' and mimics the human recognition of the UI elements. The technique close to human recognition facilitates the creation of automated test cases, report reading and test case maintenance.

Inside the AI based engine, there are no dependencies on the UI implementation owned by the developer. This makes that the automated test cases do not depend on the developers implementation. The tester does not need to have access to this implementation nor is there a need for the tester to have technical developers knowledge about the UI.