To use Jamo Automator, an account is created. Jamo Automator is not limiting the number of users you register on your account. An account can have one or more licenses. Two types of licenses are available:


  • App-based license: With this license, you can test one app. The app can have an implementation on Android and/or iOS and/or the PC browser. The license covers all implementations. The starting price for the app-based license is 40 USD/month or 40 EUR/month. The license limits the resources used. The limit normally covers the resources needed for testing a standard app . If this limit is reached an additional license can be purchased

  • Resource-based license: the resource based license does not limit the number of apps. The usage of the resources is charged each month on the credit card. The pricing starts at 40 USD/month or 40 EUR/month.


For more information on the resources, the yearly and enterprise licenses, click here.

Jamo Automator is cloud or server-based, and is easy to deploy for any team. Anyone with the right login credentials, a browser and a mobile device or emulator can start using the tool.

Since there's virtually no learning curve for Jamo Automator, teams can easily involve business users, manual testers and focus group participants into the testing process. Supplementary testers can be added to the team during crunch time - no training or ramp-up time needed.

Developers do not have to adapt their code to use Jamo Automator. Automated test case execution is not dependent on directions provided by developers: tests are run based on how the end-users, not developers use the app.