Jamo Automator engine details

The UI recognition in the engine has a broad range of algorithms to apply. Which algorithm to apply and the qualification of the outcome of the algorithm is managed by AI techniques. This ensures that the best algorithm is applied in the current window under test. The AI driven engine can decide to apply different algorithms while scanning through the content of the window. This flexibility ensures correct recognition in case the UI changes due to:

- visualisation of different data sets.

- a new layout due to a portrait/landscape change (mobile) or responsive design (web).

- localisation.

- build or version of app under test.

The input to the engine are UI objects as defined by the developer. The algorithm is not OCR or bitmap based so that replay is ensured any time. The tool will also not rely on the details of the developer's definition. Only the main role and associated text of the object is retained. This is also the information that is seen by the normal user: a list, a touch object, a text input object and so on.

The advantages of the replay engine are:

  • Ensures a platform independent UI automation tool: if the user experience is the same, the automated test scripts can be replayed across platforms. For example: the iOS test script can be replayed against the Android app, or the PC web scripts against the iOS native app.

  • Leads to a significant reduction of flaky tests so that automation can be applied with real success for continuous testing.

  • Hides the complexity of identifying UI objects so that code-less testing is made possible.

  • Shortens the time to create automated test cases and minimise the maintenance of the test cases for regression testing.