Scriptless test automation

As the user traverses through the app under test, Jamo Automator automatically creates a test case by capturing the workflow that the user follows. Each step of the test case has a screenshot associated with it, making a test case intuitive to read and navigate. This visual approach helps any person who understands how the application works become involved in building and maintaining test scripts – no programming skills required. 

After the workflow is captured, a tester can modify the workflow by adding, copying, deleting, or modifying steps to create a more complete and realistic test scenario. For more complex actions, testers can use statements such as “if” and “while” and add parameters to their test cases. Each step is illustrated by a screenshots. These screenshots get updated when running the test case so that the most recent screens are displayed.

Screenshots are an excellent way to help a tester navigate the application under test, but there’s much more to the test case than just an image. By hovering the mouse over the screenshot, the tester has access to all objects of the user interface that are represented in the image. The tester can use these objects to define an action, add verification points, or retrieve information from the UI.

The workflow of Jamo Automator supports most common testing techniques: data driven test cases, parameterisation, capturing values from a screen, end-to-end testing, etc. For instance, when an order is created, the tool can check the content of the order in the database in real time.