License model

M-eux Test support the recognition of graphical user interface object from Native, Web and Hybrid applications.

There is no limitation on the number of mobile devices to one PC. The number of devices on which you can concurrently execute tests is limited to one per M-eux Test license. One license can only be used by one PC at a time, and is subject to further restrictions outlined below.

M-eux Test is offered as either a perpetual license or a term-based (yearly) license.

A perpetual license is sold with an yearly maintenance support package which gives access to the support department, as well as access to new patches, service packs and versions of the tool.

Term-based licenses include the support package for the period the license is valid.

The yearly maintenance and support package complements the perpetual licenses. The yearly maintenance includes:

  • Access to the support department

  • Access to new patches, service packs and versions of the tool

The Yearly Maintenance & Support Package ships at 18% of the list price of the product it complements. The maintenance and support will be automatically renewed each year for another period unless cancelled 90 days prior to the end of the term.

Yearly Maintenance & Support Package

License editions

Standard license


The standard license is for one named scripting environment. The WAN Connector is not included in the standard license. At purchase time, the customer has to specify which scripting environment will be used: QuickTest Professional, Eclipse or Visual Studio.

Professional license

The professional license allows the usage of all extended scripting environments (UFT/QTP, Visual Studio and Eclipse). The WAN Connector is included in the professional license.


Full license

A full (development & execution) license allows the user to create/update/maintain/execute the script.

Execution license

The license cannot be used without the usage of the corresponding M-eux Test full license. It might be that the user is creating a battery of test cases that will be executed unattended a on special execution machines. On these machines, no script development will take place. Instead of buying a full development license, the user can buy an execution only license to be used for the execution of the battery of test cases.


Seat license

A seat license is linked to one Windows OS instance. If the customer decides to replace the PC, then the license can be switched to another machine if and only if the customer declares in written to remove the license from the old machine. This replacement must be in line with normal hardware replacement cycles applied at the customer.

Site license

A site license is a network based license. One machine in the network hosts a license server. This server manages and distributes the licenses. When a user starts the program, the program connects to the license server and requests a license. If there is a free license, then the server will assign this license. If no license is free, then the user will have to wait until someone else releases a license by closing the product. It allows the license to be used at an address of the customer (e.g. room number, department number, building number, street address, campus, etc …).

Mobile platforms

Currently following mobile platforms are supported:

  • Android

  • BlackBerry

  • iOS

  • Windows Mobile/CE

  • Windows Phone/ Windows 8 (RT)

One mobile platform license

The license is valid for one specific mobile platform OS. At purchase time the customer indicates the mobile platform. Only devices of this mobile platform will be supported by the tool using this license.

All mobile platforms license

The license is valid for all mobile platforms that the tool supports. If the license is under maintenance and a new mobile platform is released during the maintenance period, then this new mobile platform is automatically included into the license. If the license is not anymore under maintenance, then new mobile platforms will not be added to this license.

Add-On licenses

The web add-on license is an extension of the M-eux Test license. The license cannot be used without the usage of the corresponding M-eux Test license. The web add-on license supports the recognition of Web elements inside a browser or widget on the specified mobile platform and for the supported browser(s).

Web Add-On

Resco Add-On

The Resco add-on license is an extension of the M-eux Test license. The license cannot be used without the usage of the corresponding M-eux Test license. The Resco add-on license supports the recognition of Resco elements inside the specified mobile platform.