Jamo Automator

Easy to use,scriptless, cloud-based automation

easy to deploy

Jamo Automator is cloud or server-based, and is easy to deploy for any team. Anyone with the right login credentials, a browser and a mobile device or emulator can start using the tool.
Developers do not have to adapt their code to use Jamo Automator. Automated test case execution is not dependent on directions provided by developers: tests are run based on how the end-users, not developers use the app.
All information is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Mobile app testers upload the app installation file through a web interface, and Jamo Automator creates a testable app by adding its listeners to enable recording and replaying. The user can download the testable app or install it directly from the cloud on his or her device.

Web app testers install the Jamo Automator extension by downloading it from the extension store the browser. Connect the browser to the Jamo Cloud and start recording and replaying test cases for web-based apps.

All cloud storage is secure and is backed up instantly, allowing only authorized users to access the information. Having detailed records helps testers improve their practices by reviewing past runs and analyzing results.