Jamo Automator

Easy to use,scriptless, cloud-based automation

easy to share

Team colloboration

Whether your team is co-located or distributed across continents and time zones, Jamo Automator enables collaboration by sharing all relevant information through the central repository, giving all stakeholders in the organization access to the testing assets and visibility into the testing process and progress – anytime, anywhere.
With the first license of Jamo Automator, the customer purchases an account. An Admin can then create multiple users for their account, selecting from various role-based user profiles. For example:

  • Administrator: can manage user credentials and profiles

  • Tester: can create, modify and execute test cases

  • Test Manager: can review test-related information but not edit or run automated test

The ability to define user profiles creates an effective and low-cost option to deploy the tool for the entire team for working successfully in a continuous integration environment.

Easy to Scale

Since there's virtually no learning curve for Jamo Automator, teams can easily involve business users, manual testers and focus group participants into the testing process. Supplementary testers can be added to the team during crunch time - no training or ramp-up time needed.