Jamo Automator - Android apps

  • Support: Jamo Automator supports: native, hybrid or full web-based.

  • Deployment: Upload the apk file of the Android app to the Jamo Cloud and install from the Jamo Cloud on all devices on which you want to test.

  • Test Creation: Record the test case by manually executing it on one device.

  • Test Editing: The automated test case is a workflow of test steps. The test case is completely code-less. The workflow is very easy to read. Snapshots of the app under test allow you to access all UI objects to create verification points, data driven test cases, parameterised test cases, etc.

  • Test Execution: Execution can take place on any device/emulator. The device on your desk, the device in your lab or a rented device in the cloud.

Why applying Jamo Automator instead of free-ware tools like Robotium?

Low learning curve:

  • The free-ware tools are code/programming based and require programming skills. The learning curve is high. It is difficult to include less technical people in the QA automation process.

  • Jamo Automator is a code-less environment. The test cases are easy to understand workflows. The learning curve to apply Jamo Automator is much lower. The workflow supports all standard testing techniques that can be applied with script-based test cases.

Lower Test case maintenance, more replay possibilities

  • Free-ware tools identify UI objects by their internal definition. This is the definition of the developer. Small code changes can have big consequences for the recognition of the UI object. This makes that the experience of the QA engineer counts in coding test cases that are robust enough to deal with regression testing. Unfortunately in many cases, the experienced test engineer cannot anticipate future changes nor can he imagine all possible different data sets that will be used during test execution, so that the test engineer will need to maintain and change his test script during each test cycle.

  • Jamo Automator has an algorithm based replay engine with embedded AI techniques that ensures re-use of the test case across changes in the UI of the app under test. 

Note: Especially for Agile and DevOps one needs to reduce flaky tests to an absolute minimum. Flaky tests are tests that fail due to its implementation and not due to a bug in the app under test.


Jamo Solutions provides state-of-the art solutions for UI-based test automation on mobile devices. 'Jamo Automator' is a codeless cloud-based  tool that lets you focus on the test case without the hassle of scripting.


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