Jamo Automator - DevOps/Agile

In the concept of DevOps, each build is tested immediately leading to a pipeline process where all builds are tested. When also Agile is applied, new versions are released after each sprint. ​Automation is key to manage this continuous testing. The automated test case might not fail because of bad implementation ( flaky test cases). The AI/algorithm based replay engine of Jamo Automator ensures that automated test scripts can be re-used across data sets viewed by the app under test and across versions. The replay engine reduces drastically the number of flaky test cases and also the creation time and maintenance time of the automated test cases.

Why applying Jamo Automator instead of free-ware tools like Robotium?

Flaky tests:

  • Most free-ware tools are code based. Code based test automation scripts need to be tested again. 

  • The way to deal with the UI is implemented in each separate script, not in the engine of the free-ware tool. If the implementation of the QA engineer fails, almost all scripts need to be reviewed and modified.

  • Since there is no build-in engine to deal with changes in the UI, the QA engineer reimplements each time a way to deal with these changes, leading to hard to maintain code and hidden costs.


Jamo Solutions provides state-of-the art solutions for UI-based test automation on mobile devices. 'Jamo Automator' is a codeless cloud-based  tool that lets you focus on the test case without the hassle of scripting.


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