Discover the "Tesla" evolution for test automation.

Automate test cases using an easy, reliable, user friendly platform.

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Jamo implemented a new way to recognize the UI objects of your app with no dependency on the code details of the app, guaranteeing high re-use.
A scriptless visual representation flow of the automated test case makes the task of automation intuitive.
Jamo delivers 'Automator' as a cloud based premium platform.

Jamo Automator

Easy to use, scriptless, cloud-based automation

Evolving from M-eux Test, our script based tool based on UFT, Eclipse or Visual Studio

Full integration with popular scripting environments

M-eux Test is integrated with UFT, Eclipse and Visual Studio

M-eux Test

Take full control of test automation by scripting in UFT, Visual Studio or Eclipse


Jamo Solutions provides state-of-the art solutions for UI-based test automation on mobile devices. 'Jamo Automator' is a codeless cloud-based  tool that lets you focus on the test case without the hassle of scripting.


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