Discover the "Tesla" evolution for test automation.

Automate test cases using an easy, reliable, user friendly cloud platform.


Discover now how to test the Amazon Shopping web site and android app. Thanks to the visual UI recognition, a data driven test case is made in a few minutes without writing one single line of code.

Easy & Reliable

  • Low learning curve.

  • Codeless test automation.

  • Easy deployment.

  • Collaborate & share.

  • Include any stakeholder.

  • Visual testing, test what you see.

  • High re-use, low maintenance

  • Replay by visual recognition.

  • Enables DevOps and Agile test automation.


  • Visual workflow

  • The workflow nodes are a test step or control element.

  • Each step is documented by the snapshot of the app under test.

  • Access all UI objects by hoovering over the snapshot.

  • Test what you see on browser based apps, Android and iOS.


  • High re-use across test cycles.

  • Easy to read and maintain

  • Automatic management of test case with release release tree.

  • AI empowered algorithm-based replay engine.

Code based

  • Extends UFT, Eclipse and Visual Studio.

  • Record and script against all UI objects.

  • Integrates with load/stress testing tools and test  management.

  • Support for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile/CE

Cloud Solution

  • Easy deployment - just open your browser.

    • No USB connection needed.

    • No local installation of local executable.

    • No Android SDK or XCode access needed.

  • Share and collaborate

  • Replay on any device and browser

    • In house.

    • Local lab.

    • Cloud based browsers or devices.